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I am an aspiring acrylic painting artist and instructor and have developed a technique simple enough I can teach a child to paint like a pro.



24″x40″      $175.00

This canvas utilizes a drip technique with acrylic paints.  There are 15-20 layers of paint blending for a vibrant dreamy effect.

This technique could be done with water colors however I prefer to use acrylic paint.  The colors are so clear and vibrant.  Acrylics thinned with water blend without becoming muddy.

To accomplish this look gesso is first applied to the canvas.  Then fill a palette with several  complimentary colors.  Spray the palette with water to lightly thin the paint.  Paint large swatches of color across the top of the canvas.  Then spray with more water.  As the colors begin to drip down the canvas continue to apply more paint and water.  Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the final result.

The above painting is titled Serenity because it reminds me of a beautiful outdoor water feature where water cascades down a vertical glass wall in a meditation garden.

Watch for an upcoming video on this technique.


Acrylic Painting by Sally Phillips Art Designs and students.



Paintings by my students


–Fairey Forest–

By Faith age 11

Acrylic Painting By Faith age 11

Fairey Forest

Faith loves pinks and purples and wanted the look of an enchanted forest.  This acrylic painting was done with the same drip technique but the paint was applied at different levels on the canvas.

–Under the sea–

By Aidan age 6

By Aidan age 6

Under the sea



Aidan wanted his acrylic painting to be very simple in his color combinations.  He accomplished this by using more water than paint.  The beauty of using this drip technique is the painting looks great at any angle.  When turned with the blue at the top I see a receding tide on a sandy beach.

Pebeo poured painting

Pebeo poured painting


Those new paints calling to me the other day are by Pebeo in the fantasy prisms and moon lines.  I love the looks you can achieve however there are some real setbacks.  First, there are no directions in English so unless you can read French you are out of luck.   Second is cost. Poured paintings require a special substrate from $16-$22 and the paints are around $6.50 for a 45ml bottle.   Not as important if you are doing a traditional painting with a brush, but this painting would have been around $35.00.  I of course look for shortcuts and savings and did it for less than half.  If you are interested in more in depth directions and how to cheat the cost check it out on my Blog on Fab or Flop.

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