Encaustic painting

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Encaustic painting uses a wax paint made by combining hot beeswax, resin and pigments.

The wax is applied to a firm substrate while in a molten stage and hardens almost immediately.  The layer of wax is then fused with either a heat gun or a butane torch.  An encaustic painting develops as layer upon layer of the encaustic medium is applied.

The fun of encaustic painting is that so many other art techniques can be used with it.  Small items such as dried flowers can be embedded between the layers.  It is the perfect medium to add collage to.  Like clay you can inscribe into it or scrape sections out of it.  You can use non acrylic inks, water colors and pastels.  Encaustic applied over plaster is a great way to achieve depth and movement.   One of my favorite pieces was done on a piece of driftwood.



2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″

Encaustic painting



“solitude” is an artist trading card  encaustic painting on a clayboard substrate.  I applied around ten layers of colors fusing between each one.  As the picture developed  I began to see one of the many beautiful waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge in Oregon.  The sky is a haze as the sun filters through the mist.  I added the three trees by pushing the encaustic medium through a brass stencil.


6″ x 8″

Encaustic painting



“imagine” is my interpretation of what I see when sitting by my koi pond.  Encaustic paintings have great depth due to the many layers of wax and if you use your imagination you can see the orange koi darting  amongst the lily pads.  To give movement to the piece I used a blue paint stick to make ripples on the water.   The word “imagine” is printed on a small piece of vellum that becomes translucent in the wax.




  1. These are beautiful.

  2. Nice job on this artwork. Sounds very time intensive.

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