New acrylic paints-fab or flop?

Pebeo poured painting

Pebeo poured painting

Those new paints calling to me the other day are by Pebeo in the Fantasy Prisme  and Fantasy Moon lines.  I love the looks you can achieve however there are some real setbacks.  First, there are no directions in English so unless you can read French you are out of luck.   Second is cost. Poured paintings require a special substrate from $16-$22 and the paints are around $6.50 for a 45ml bottle.   Not as important if you are doing a traditional painting with a brush, but this painting would have been around $35.00.  I of course look for shortcuts and savings and did it for less than half that.  I tried using a piece of MDF board and I taped all the edges with a good quality painters tape leaving a 1/8 inch above the top of the board to act as a dam to contain the paint on the board.  Even though I burnished the tape well there was still a very small amount of leakage so be sure to have newspaper under the board.  The tape left a small ridge of paint on the edges but that can easily be removed before framing.  The companies substrate is a cradled board with a very smooth almost plastic finish.  I would not use the MDF again unless I can find a way to make the surface slicker because the paint would not move across the board evenly.  The paints can be used on glass and plastic so I will try those next.  Once the board is taped you are ready for paint.  The Fantasy Prisme paints make a pearlescent honeycombed or pebble effect.  I started by slowing pouring the turquoise paint on the board in random lines and puddles.  I then did the same with the emerald paint.  You want to go over and through the turquoise paint often.  Then to cut my cost I used the Lightening Medium from the same paint line to thin down the paint and make lighter shades.  This is effect gave me two colors instead of one from each bottle.  Again no written directions and I found I used to much Lightening.  I tried using one part paint to one part medium but it left the paint to thin and that part of it did not achieve the honeycombed effect.   I then used a brush and dropped spots of Moon Emerald and Lilac in several spots and finally a spot of Moon Gold for contrast.  The Moon paints cause the paint to have a crater effect.  I then tilted the board from side to side until it was completely covered and blending the paints slightly and drew the back end of a paint brush through it to give a marbleized look.   Don’t worry about covering one color with another because the beauty of these paints is the bottom color will rise to the top in places as it dries.   The paint takes between 7-24 hours to dry to the touch and 72 to harden completely.    So Fab or Flop? Definitely a Fab or in this case a fabulous flop because of the excess medium.  I would recommend trying them but due to the cost only buy a bottle or two of each line and not the complete line like I did.  Ouch!

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  1. The painting is lovely. I can’t wait to get some to try.

  2. Looks beautiful love the colors.

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